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10 PHONE LIFE HACKS You've NEVER Seen Before! Lost On Silent? Find Your Phone!!

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Hey guys!! I hope you like these hacks!! Don't forget to enter the giveaway, check the rules on my last video!

Phone Life Hacks:

1 When you go out and you get ready, you put everything on your bag, but you’re afraid that you are going to scratch your new phone with your keys. So to avoid this you can take your case and put it the other way around and that way your phone will be super safe of scratches while it’s in your purse.

2 So next I’m going to show you three easy ways to make a phone holder, They are pretty popular already but really cool too, so the first one is to just use a pair of sunglasses. The second one it’s pretty impressive, you just need a bottle cap and make some little cuts on the sides like so, and your phone will stay up!
The last one is my favorite and is using a tape case, I actually already show you how to decorate one in one of my old videos, but just in case you’re new or didn’t know this, here it is! I think it’s super cool and perfect for your desk. And you can also use it to watch videos.

3 I don’t know if it happens to you but my phone’s power button is tiny, and sometimes at night I can’t seem to find it, so I discovered that there is an option in setting, where you can turn on the screen by double tapping, what makes using the phone a lot easier at night. Of course I don’t know of it will work with your phone, but you should definitely try it.

4 And my phone also has another option that I don’t know if other phones have, perfect for winter, for when you use gloves, because regular gloves usually don’t work on smartphones. And it is on settings and as you can see it is a gloves mode, so you don’t have to worry about buying special gloves for winter. Let me know if your phone also has this feature because I would love to know!

5 You can have a regular lockscreen on your phone, or an emergency lockscreen. You can do it with any app that allows you to add text, I’m using snapseed, which is free, so just choose the pic you like and add your more relevant info, you can change the font and size, like your name, medical information or an emergency contact, so for example if you lose your phone the person who finds it can contact you, at least if they have good intentions!

6 If you are anything like me, you surely love instagram, I love taking pictures and selfies and then editing them, so I will show you a trick in vsco cam in case you didn’t know, so instead of editing all your pics the same way to get a cool feed you can copy the edits from one pic and paste them on your last photo, or on any photos you want so you don’t have to edit all of your pictures one by one, and still have the perfect theme!

7 But you know sometimes even if you edit all your pictures the same way, when you upload them they ended up not matching your feed completely, and you’re like why??
So one thing you can do is create a new instagram account, with another email that you may have, and then make it private. That way you can upload your pictures there first and see if they look good together, and delete and reupload them as many times as you want before uploading them to your real account. There are apps that do this for you, but you have to pay for them so, this is an simple way to test your pics!

8 If you are studying and the lights go off, a super cool trick you can do is place your flashlight underneath a bottle of water and it will act as a lamp, it gives a decent amount of light and really is also super pretty. This hack is also pretty popular, but it is so cool, that I have to show you guys, in case you didn’t know!

9 So I’m sure that when you go to bed, you go to bed with your phone, and that can be bad for your sleep because of the blue light from the screen tells our brains that is daytime and we should be awake! So a way to avoid this is using an app called twilight, which takes out the blue light from the screen, making it redder, so that way you can use your phone at night and not lose sleep over it!

10 So you’re just hanging out and suddenly you’re like….where is my phone?? And it is on silent! But don’t worry! You can still find it. So go to google play, with the email you have on your phone, and download android device manager, and it will download the app on your phone, then you can go to device manager, and make it sound, and it will sound at full volume, so you can find the phone even if it is in the weirdest place!


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