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How to Do a Cardio Workout | Sexy Butt

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So, now I'm going to show you some cardio exercises that you can do for a sexy butt.
A lot of these moves are simple exercises, just adding some jumps, some shuffles, some explosive movements that will really get your heart rate going, and add that cardio effect.

So first one, squat jumps. Same way you do a regular squat. I'm going to show you standing this way.
Your legs are a little bit wider than shoulder width apart. When you squat down, your knees are aligned with your ankle. You push your hips all the way back. Keep the weight loaded in your heels.

So you're squatting all the way down, but now when you come up, you're exploding up, jumping all the way up. Using those arms, help pump. So, you go down, up, down, up. Just like this. Breathe out every time you jump up. Again, I usually like to use timed intervals for these kind of cardio bursts. You can do 30 seconds for more of a beginner. Take it up to a minute, a minute and a half, if you're more advanced.

So, that was a squat jump. We have switch lunges. You're going to lunge forward. Front foot, all your weight is loaded in that heel. Back foot, make sure you have space in between your legs, is behind you.

So, you're just going to lunge straight down. When you jump up, you're going to switch your legs in the air. So you come straight down, switch, switch. Make sure that it's all flowing together, so you're not standing up, then jumping, then switching. You want it all to flow. Straight down, up, straight down, up, just like that. So you get the real cardio effect.

Another exercise you can do, is a side step shuffle. So same thing, it's almost like a side lunge. You're going to step, one foot all the way out to the side. Keep all the weight on one leg, stick that hip all the way back. Tap the floor, and then shuffle those legs, switch, switch, switch, switch, just like that. So you really want to focus on whatever leg all the weight is on, to keep that weight back in that heel, to get that sexy butt. So, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle, just like that.

One more little variation you can do is a wide squat into a closed squat, also incorporating a jump. So start off with a wider squat. All the way down, all the way up, bring your feet together, and then squat down in the front. So all the way up, up, just like that, and I'll show you from the side. Starting off with the feet together, squatting down. Closed leg squat, jump up, open, close, open, close, just like that. And that is how you do a little cardio exercise to get that sexy butt.

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