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How to Say "Delicious" in Polish | Polish Lessons

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How to say "Delicious"

"Pizza is delicious"

pizza yest pysh-na

pizza yest pysh-na

So, in Polish, pizza is said the same way.


pizza... yest... py... sh-na

An SZ is a "sh". It's not a "jsh", it's a "sh". So, hopefully you can hear the difference.

py... sh-na

pizza... yest... pysh-na

pizza yest pysh-na

Go ahead. Try.


Now, I love pierogi. So, to say "Pierogi are delicious" you say "pyea-rogi saw pysh-neh".

pyea-rogi saw pysh-neh

pyea... ro... gi... saw

An A with an accent is an "owlm". So, it's saw.

py... sh-neh

The SZ makes a "sh" sound. pysh-neh.

pyea-rogi saw pysh-neh

Now, I want to hear you say it.

My mouth is watering already. So, great job.

Now, to say "Kielbasa is delicious" you say "kyeal-basa yest pysh-na".

kyeal-basa yest pysh-na

It's one of my other favorite foods.


An L with an accent line through it makes it a "w". So, it's kyeal... basa

kyeal-basa... yest... py... sh-na

The SZ makes a "sh" sound.

py... sh-na

kyeal-basa... yest... pysh-na

Go ahead. Try it.

You are on your way to making me hungry. Great job.

To say "Golobki are delicious" you say "gowoh-bkee saw pysh-neh"

gowoh-bkee saw pysh-neh

go... woh... bkee

So, the L with a line through it makes it a "w", and the A with an accent makes a "o". So it's woh.

go... woh... bkee

gowoh... bkee


There is that A accent again. So, saw.

py... sh-neh

The SZ makes a "sh" sound. Not a "jsh" but a "sh". Hope you hear the difference.

gowoh... bkee... saw... pysh-neh

gowoh-bkee saw pysh-neh

I want to hear you say it.

Very, very nice.

Now, to say "This is really good" you say "toe yest bar-dzo dough-brea".

toe... yest... bar...dzo... dough-brea

So, to break it down: toe... yest...bar... dzo... dough... brea

toe... yest...bar... dzo... dough... brea

toe yest bar-dzo dough-brea

Go ahead. Let me hear you try.

Very good.

Those are just a few different ways to say "Delicious".

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